Saturday, August 15, 2015

Simple DIY Linear Power USB Cable


So you have read my DIY linear powered USB build and it looks a little too difficult....?!

Are you looking for an easier solution?.....but still crave the benefits that linear power injection provides for USB rendering? Well grab yourself a USB premade cable, and read the DIY guide to a simplified linear powered USB cable.........
DIY usb cable grizzlyaudio

1st. Carefully open the cable's outer jacket/shielding. Simply run a knife down the cable, say 5cm, then cut around the diameter of the cable at one end of the cut....... Pull back the jacket...  

2nd. Being careful to keep the cables shield integrity, cut the red cable "+5vdc feed" to the type B end. Leave enough length for connecting your linear power +5vdc feed. 

3rd. Once complete, solder your alternative linear power +5vdc feed to the red cable type B end. Protect the cut +5vdc with isolation tape of heat shrink to prevent shorts.....  
4th. Then splice the linear power ground feed onto the USB cables black ground wire. 

DIY usb cable grizzlyaudio

This is done by removing some of the ground wire jacket and soldering the cables together. Cover your terminations with an appropriate electrical isolation (I.e heat shrink, electrical tape, teflon) to prevent shorts and your done...... 

If done correctly you will end up with a cable which offers a similar sonic result to the complete DIY build, but without having to start from scratch or purchase/terminate USB connectors. An added benefit is the "simplified" cable should also work without any need for resistors or LED's to provide a trick load, as ground+shielding is maintained between USB type A > B connectors.  

Please note, this is an information thread only. I take accept no liability for damage caused due to the implementation of this cable design, incorrect termination and/or use of this cable design. It works for me and my HiFi friends and has done so for many years. If you are going to copy this design, you do so at your own risk. I can only suggest be careful with your terminations and double / triple check continuity to ensure you don't damage your HiFi computer equipment. 

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