Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rewrite 1.25 x64 - Bughead Emperor - Audiophile file optimisation

Are you the type of audiophile looking to squeeze every last drop of sound quality from your highly optimised digital hifi rig? 

Well if you are take a look at the following piece of ingenuous software. 

Rewrite is a small piece of software written by Bughead author Mr. Hiroyuki Yokota.... In a nut shell rewrite de-fragments music files on your computer to reduce jitter issues and improve playback quality, prior to files loading into memory for playback. Does it work? I'll let you decide....  

The engineering behind this software is apparently based on Mr. Hiroyuki Yokota's efforts found here at http://www.purebasic.... an effort to reduce jitter in a PC's memory buffer for improved audio quality. 

Download here 

Click here to enjoy magical access to Mr. Hiroyuki Yokota's one drive. 
One Drive Download

Simply select your files and hit start!

Rewrite Bughead Grizzlyaudio

Please be-aware once you run the software, moving and/or copying files will negate the benefit..... files will need to be re-optimised prior to playback. 

Its also worth noting rewrite has been developed & designed to de-fragment/optimise program files including Bughead, MQN, VLC, foobar etc for improvements in render quality. This optimisation will also work on any directory, simply access your directory of choice and hit the start rewrite data button. A very interesting piece of software indeed. 

Word on the MQn thread is that a similar version of this software will be developed for future versions of MQn.... Check it out developments here:

User instruction selection 
Here users have the ability to configure AVX, MMX, SSE, NFX instruction sets.... 
I haven't tried altering settings from AVX so please let me know your observations if this setting is altered. Good luck, let me know how you go

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